Meet the New Android Auto

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Android Auto

Google announced a full overhaul of its Android Auto interface, which will roll out this summer to all Android Auto compatible cars.

The update provides a slicker interface, more like that of CarPlay.  It cuts down on taps to get where you’re going when you are in the navigation bar, and the navigation bar stays on your screen and changes function based on the app you are using.

You can now see your turn by turn directions while also controlling other apps, without the need for separate screens.  So, if you are listening to music and navigating in Google Maps, your GPS directions remain visible.

Instead of the five buttons on the bottom of the screen, there’s now a screen full of apps to choose from, resembling the interfaces on most smartphones.

The update was immediately well received by leading tech blogs. Autoblog called the new Android Auto “way better.” CNET told readers “We like what we see” and “You should be excited.”

CNET said one of its favorite improvements is that Android Auto now adjusts to vehicles with wider screens by adding more information on the screen (not just resizing).

When you launch the new Android Auto, it automatically continues playing the media you were listening to before entering the car.

The update also gives Android Auto a “dark theme” that improves visibility and blends in with the car’s interior.

You can see a very quick video of some of the features here.

Source: Google, CNET, Autoblog, Engadget

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