Smartphones Will Control More Car Functions

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Hyundai smartphone control

Sure, smartphones can remote start a car, or track it and more.  But Hyundai is taking phone control to new heights.

The company announced Monday it developed an app that lets users adjust in future electric vehicles, engine performance, braking, acceleration, etc. from the smartphone.

The app can set the car for sportier driving for dad, but safer driving for his teenage son.

Specifically, it works with seven features in electric vehicles—maximum torque output of the motor, ignition, acceleration and deceleration abilities, regenerative braking capacity, maximum speed limit, responsiveness, and energy use on climate control.

Hyundai Digital Key
Hyundai Digital Key. Photo by Hyundai via CTV News

Plus the app analyzes the remaining time in your drive and the EV charge to suggest optimal drive settings for conserving energy.  It also provides recommended settings for city or rural driving.

The technology will be offered on future Hyundai and Kia electric vehicles. Hyundai is planning to release 23 EVs by 2025. (Read more here).

As shown just above, Hyundai has even more plans for the smartphone.  It will make the phone a key for its 2020 Sonata. The feature is called Digital Key and it uses Near Field Communication (NFC) to let users tap their phone to the car handle to gain access.  An app lets you select which smartphones can become Digital Keys for your car and for what length of time.  The cars will still come with a standard set of keys as Digital Key only works with Android phones at present. The new Sonata should be available this October.

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