Rydeen to Lower Prices

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Rydeen Mobile announced that it is reducing prices on various smart mirrors and cameras.

Effective April 15, the company is lowering prices on many key smart mirrors and cameras by 10 to 15 percent.  Blind spot detection system prices remain the same.  Distributor profit sharing programs will also be redesigned favorably to distributors, said Rydeen.

The company is also adjusting its freight policy for premier dealers, reducing the minimum purchase price for prepaid freight.

Bob Goodman, Rydeen VP Sales & Marketing, said he believes this year will be the “tipping point” for the advanced driver safety category and “we want to be certain that our customers are prepared to take advantage of it.”  Rydeen had raised prices earlier on some products in anticipation of tariffs.  “We’ve negotiated with our suppliers to reduce the impact of that and now we’re passing it along,” said Goodman.

The company is taking other steps to promote driver safety including new point of purchase displays and increased dealer training in blind spot detection products.

“Every customer is an ADAS customer but we need to educate them and make them aware these solutions exist for their vehicles,” he said.


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