Elettromedia Will Train Your Novice Installers

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Elettromedia training

The shortage of experienced installers continues to plague retailers, prompting Elettromedia to take the unusual step of launching a training program for novice technicians.

The maker of high end speakers, amplifiers and digital signal processors will hold about three classes this year through Kingpin University, led by Jason Kranitz out of Las Vegas.   Classes are open to Elettromedia dealers only, about 20 dealers per class.

Elettromedia will fund many of the expenses including class fees and food.

“Leading dealers are telling me they they’ve got the customers, but not enough quality installers,” said Elettromedia USA VP Rob Wempe.

Each session is a two-day class, which includes teaching use of basic tools.  “We’re going to put a computer in their hands, so immediately they’re learning from a computer, which means they can install remote starters and DSP. You have to know how to run a computer to be a technician today,” he said.

The classes will teach speaker specifications and how to perform calculations to make a speaker enclosure.  And it will include troubleshooting.

Additional classes are expected to be held next year.

The first session will be held in May.  The classes are offered on a first come, first served basis.  For more information email Duane Pilgrim [email protected]

Additionally, Mobile Solutions, AZ, which trains industry members in fabrication and installation, recently held its first introductory class last month, which included some novice installers.  The class covered the fundamentals of subwoofer box development, using a multimeter, trouble shooting, and “meat and potato skills they can use when they get back to the shop,” said Founder Bryan Schmitt.   He plans to hold additional introductory classes, called Master Tech Bootcamp later in the year.

Photo: Elettromedia training session

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