Directed Files Complaint Against 3 Aftermarket Cos.

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DEI Holdings (parent to Directed) and Directed Electronics Canada, filed a complaint with the International Trade Commission (ITC) this month, claiming tariff violations in the sale of remote start systems by Automotive Data Solutions of Canada; Firstech of Kent, WA; and AAMP of Florida, Inc.

The complaint cites violations of section 337 of the Tariff Act of 1930 which says it is unlawful to import or sell products in the US that violate a US patent. One of the patents DEI Holdings claims is violated regards remote starters with a multi-purpose module port that is used for connecting an antenna during normal use or an external computer during programming.

DEI Holdings and Directed Electronics Canada asked the ITC to issue a cease and desist order on many remote start and security products.

Responding to the complaint, Firstech Marketing Director Justin Lee said, “We’re investigating the claim thoroughly, but we don’t have any further comments at this time.”

AAMP Global said it had no comment on the matter. AAMP serves as a distributor of some of the products involved.

ADS did not respond to our inquiry.

At present the ITC has invited the public to submit comments on the complaint.

The complaint follows a lawsuit filed by ADS against Directed Electronics Canada last year and a countersuit by DEI Holdings against Firstech and ADS this month, claiming patent infringement on remote start and data module products.

Regarding the ITC filing, Directed said, “We allege ADS has violated our patents by selling their digital remote start systems in the US. We are confident in our claims.”

Directed added, “If the ITC rules in our favor, ADS would be prohibited from importing the violating remote start products into the US. That would effectively shut down sales of ADS, Compustar, iDataLink, iDatastart MAXIT and STARTIT branded digital remote start products in the US.”

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  1. Our industry needs to respond – if you follow the link Amy provided, it specifically invites the public to comment (in no more than 5 pages) “Comments should address whether issuance of the relief specifically requested by the complainant in this investigation would affect the public health and welfare in Start Printed Page 8743the United States, competitive conditions in the United States economy, the production of like or directly competitive articles in the United States, or United States consumers.”

    Obviously this would effect businesses economically, it would effect competition and it would effect consumers. Readers – please join me in responding to DEI’s pathetic attempt to shut down a quality competitor!

  2. DEI is being sued for patent infringements… a counter suit is a common response in patent litigation…

  3. “At present the ITC has invited the public to submit comments on the complaint.” How about a link? Google is not my friend.

    1. You can follow the link found in the first sentence of the story. It gives you directions. For questions it says: Persons with questions regarding filing should contact the Secretary (202-205-2000).

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