NAV-TV Enters Motorcycle Audio

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NAV-TV is entering the motorcycle audio accessory market with an interface that helps bring CarPlay to older Harleys.

The new NAV-TV CarPlay radio interface is offered in conjunction with Soundz Inc, which is the exclusive distributor of the product.

Soundz is both a retailer in Daytona Beach, FL and a motorcycle custom audio supplier. It noticed that many of its customers wanted to add CarPlay to their bikes, but the 2019 Harley GTS CarPlay radio (introduced in late 2018) does not work seamlessly with older bikes. So it asked NAV-TV to develop an interface for the radio.

Soundz owner Peter Jensen explained, “Unfortunately, the GTS radio will not work in the 2014 to 2016 [Harley] models at all, and the 2017-2018 models require first changing out the ECM, BCM, ABS module and instrument cluster to 2019 model year equipment. These parts are about $2,000.00 alone and take about 5 hours to install and code properly; and that does not include the $1899.00 additional cost of the GTS radio. Plus, the retrofitted 2019 ABS module throws codes which could become problematic, or even affect the factory warranty.”

NAV-TV’s Derek Schmiedl said, “This is just our entry into motorcycle audio.  There will be more products in the future, including a solution that completely removes the equalization from Harley radios.”

The new CarPlay radio interface, model SC-GTSi, is a plug-and-play interface that allows the 2019 GTS radio with Apple Carplay to be seamlessly installed into 2014 to 2018 motorcycles. The interface requires no control unit replacement, no coding and does not affect the factory warranty. The module is transparent to both the factory Harley Davidson and Techno Research diagnostic, troubleshooting and tuning computer systems.  In addition, all factory functions of the radio and motorcycle are retained.

The SC-GTSi is available at an MSRP of $449.99, including a plug-and-play T-harness to integrate with the factory wiring and a mounting bracket for the interface.


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