Kenwood, Sony, Alpine Join Forces

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Kenwood, Sony, Alpine, Directed, Mitek, Crutchfield and other industry members have added their names to the list of industry members supporting the Vision Zero Automotive Network, which is now one of the best-funded industry-wide initiatives for the 12 volt market.

Vision Zero Automotive’s mission is to save 10,000 lives by informing the public of driver safety devices available to them.

CEoutlook, MEA, HD Radio, and Alcohol Detection Systems (ADS) have also recently lent their support to Vision Zero Automotive, joining earlier supporters Pioneer, Brandmotion, Metra, Firstech, VOXX, Auto Action and EDA.

The organization is about to launch a social media campaign, a new website with a dealer locator and other programs that will be announced in the coming weeks.


“Most consumers have some degree of ADAS product knowledge, but they don’t know where these products can be purchased and installed. As the Vision Zero pledge starts to resonate with more retailers, not only will the products save more lives, the campaign should lead to additional sales opportunities for all,” said Aron Demers of VOXX.

The organization launched over a year ago by Brandmotion President Jeff Varick.  He cited a 2015 study by the Boston Consulting Group, which found that 10,000 of the now 40,000 traffic deaths a year could be prevented if every car on the road had the same safety technology available in new cars.

“The only group or industry that can help with that is the aftermarket. So we’re setting up a non-profit Vision Zero Automotive Network….” Varick said at the launch of the organization.


The seven ADAS [Advanced Driver Assistance Systems] that the Boston Consulting Group studied include 360 vision, blind spot warning, backup cameras, collision avoidance, night vision, and adaptive headlights.  The only product not available in the aftermarket is the headlights.

Bernie Sapienza, Executive Director of the Vision Zero Automotive Network said, “Momentum has been building and it’s very gratifying to see so many great companies stepping up to help. It proves there is significant interest in unifying this industry around our auto safety message.”

The organization is a Detroit, Michigan based 501(3)(c) organization.  Contributions to the organization are tax deductible.

For more information contact Bernie Sapienza at [email protected]

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  1. This is a great initiative that is one of those rare ‘win-wins’ that can help grow our businesses while making vehicles safer. It deserves all of our support.

    Jim Warren
    Elite Distributor Alliance

  2. Amy, you’re resorting to click-bait again…You’re better than that. Very deceiving headline, and I’d respect a less misleading headline, and still read it because it was written by you.

      1. Did the headline draw me in? ABSOLUTELY, and I read about this article and have ZERO regrets that I clicked here. What a great initiative and glad to hear that the top companies in the industry support it.

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