Samsung’s Foldable Phone Does This

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Samsung Galaxy Fold

Samsung introduced Wednesday the Galaxy Fold, with a cool trick.

Of course, the 7.3 inch screen folds in half. It doesn’t bend, but it folds with a hinge that disappears when the phone is opened.

Here’s the trick.  When folded, the phone fits in the palm with one handed operation. But when you open it, whatever is on the screen auto expands to full screen mode. So, you can call up a map in folded mode, then open the display to show a full 7.3 inch tablet-like map for a better view.

Users can now see street names, or restaurant icons in greater detail.  To paraphrase Samsung’s Justin Denison, ‘The same map that was in the front display is already inside waiting [to be seen in full screen mode].’

You can see a demo here at 41 minutes, 12 seconds.

The large AMOLED screen is 50 percent thinner than the typical smartphone to allow it to fold.

Another cool feature is the large screen can show 3 different apps simultaneously. You can watch a video, chat on WhatsApp and search for something on Google on the same screen.

The phone has six cameras: 3 on the back, 2 inside and 1 in front, so there’s a camera for every angle.

It packs 12GB of RAM and 512GB of onboard memory and it has two batteries, one on each side of the fold.

Samsung is billing the Fold as a “luxury device,” which is appropriate as the phone starts at $1,980 when it launches April 26. A more expensive 5G version will also become available.



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  1. I remember selling Motorola brick phones for almost $4000.00 in the 80’s that only made a call if you were lucky to be in an area that had service and cost about 75 cents a minute, lots of people had $1,200 monthly phone bills in them days..just sayin.

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