DOW Adds to Smart Services

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Press Release (edited): TAMPA, FL – DOW Electronics, a leading Consumer Electronics distributor in the South, announced an addition to its Smart Services program. The membership program now includes same-day courier service around the six DOW Electronics locations.

The Smart Services program is a monthly membership that covers DOW’s Smart Ship and Smart Courier services. Retailers pay a monthly fee of $50, in exchange for free shipping for all 12 volt and custom integration orders.

The Smart Courier service was added to the program this week and is included at no additional cost. Courier service is available for same day deliveries up to 25 miles from a DOW Electronics location.

John Yodzis, DOW President and CEO, said, “DOW is continually reviewing ways to enhance our services to keep independent retailers competitive. Our Smart Services program is a great way to simplify your shipping costs and save you money. We believe the addition of Smart Courier is a great win for the dealer that needs a part that day and doesn’t want to lose time and money running out to pick it up.”

To learn more about DOW Electronics and for full details of the Smart Services program, please visit or call 1.800.627.2900.

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