AAMP Floating Radio Ships This Month

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Stinger car radio

AAMP Global is jumping into the car radio market under its Stinger brand with a two-piece CarPlay/Android Auto radio. It has  a “floating” 8-inch screen that detaches from the chassis.

The Stinger ELEV8 installs in single or double DIN openings with a radio kit from AAMP’s integration brand, PAC. It is expected to ship later this month at $999 suggested retail price.

AAMP’s Brett Riggs said the company is entering the radio market at this time because more and more cars offer no space for a traditional radio.  And with its PAC radio kits, the company has the ability to integrate a radio “better than anyone else,” said Riggs.

The two-piece configuration allows greater installation flexibility and the screen can be positioned to “float” over factory dash controls to fit many cars.

The ELEV8’s 8-inch capacitive screen has a resolution of 1024 x 600.  It has built-in navigation, SiriusXM capability, Toslink audio output, HDMI, two USB rear inputs, and four camera inputs with wired triggers for PAC radio kits.

The deck is expected to be the first in a series of radios under Stinger in a number of display sizes and at various price points.

Why did AAMP choose the Stinger brand?  It’s the consumer facing brand from the company, where PAC is a “back of the store” brand for installers and Phoenix Gold has limited distribution.

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