InstallerNet Now on eBay

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InstallerNet announced a partnership with eBay to provide installation services for eBay shoppers when they buy aftermarket automotive products.

Local certified installers are presented to eBay shoppers so they can prepay for installation of a product they are seeking to purchase. The installation purchase can be made at the the time of checkout on eBay.

Installation services cover traditional car audio products as well as security, backup cameras and more.

InstallerNet provides online scheduling for the installation through a network of more than 2,500 installers.

“We are very excited about our partnership with eBay and the opportunity to offer InstallerNet’s services to their customers,” said Tony Frangiosa, President and CEO of InstallerNet. “Our network of certified installation professionals will ensure eBay customers receive quality installation service for the products they purchase on eBay.”


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  1. Never happen. I am refusing to install for less than my shop rate anymore. Cost of doing business keeps going up. Guys like Installernet, don’t help. We need to stick together as an industry and not install products that are purchased online. We are letting the internet control the market price on everything in our industry. Labor too.

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