Car Radio Gets Artificial Intelligence

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LG AI car radio with Audioburst

LG Electronics will show at CES 2019 an in-car infotainment system that applies Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the radio.

LG has teamed with Israeli company Audioburst, which is applying to radio what Pandora did for music.  It is dividing radio content into small digital bits of information that can be indexed, searched and tracked.

The technology takes every second of live audio and, in real time, links it to metadata such as keywords.  Then using AI, it ties that information to listening patterns and more, said LG.

Car occupants will get better search capability. And companies can get a better understanding in real time of what drivers are listening to and searching for.

“There is great content that is produced every second out there. The minute after it airs, it’s usually gone away. We are making it available on devices and platforms that would never have a chance to actually play this type of content,” Audioburst VP Marketing Assaf Gad told Israeli publication ISRAEL21c this fall.

The technology can also be applied to podcasts and TV.

LG and Audioburst will provide details on the technology next week at CES.

Audioburst, a three year old company, has also partnered with Samsung, Harman, Bose, and others, according to ISRAEL21c.

Through its technology, users can create “listening identities” that serve up audio based on their interests and listening preferences. They are basically creating their own station, with the power to skip to the next clip or ask for more of a clip they like.

Samsung is expected to use the technology in millions of its products. Gad says Audioburst could turn a TV into a smart speaker like Alexa, said ISRAEL21c.

Audioburst’s platform, with a typical audio source, produces more than 28 million pieces of information every 24 hours. “With thousands of sources, Audioburst is arming LGE and future partners with potent and comprehensive data,” said LG.

Head of LGE Vehicle Infotainment System Research Lab, Vice President Lee Sang-yong, said, “We are excited to lead the charge in developing the new gold standard and be the first to partner with Audioburst’s technology, which we will proudly debut to select partners at CES.”

Samsung Ventures invested $4.6 million in Audioburst in March, which was followed by a $3 million investment in August by Nippon Broadcasting.

Source: LG ElectronicsIsrael21c


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