New Plans For Alexa Deck For Aftermarket

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BOSS-LXA5 Alexa radio any car

BOSS Audio Systems said it will ship at the end of the first quarter 2019 a newly redesigned Alexa head unit that will be among the first to bring Alexa voice control to any car.

The BOSS model LXA5 is currently undergoing an Amazon certification process for Alexa in the automobile.

BOSS Audio said it worked for many months to develop the aftermarket Alexa head unit.  It had originally shown a version at CES 2018 that was due earlier this year.

The LXA5 lets users simply state, “Alexa, play Taylor Swift,” or “Alexa, raise the volume,” or any other question you might ask Alexa on your Echo at home. The system relies on the user’s smartphone acting as a hotspot for an Internet connection.

Through an external microphone, the unit will capture voice commands from anywhere in the car.

Drivers may also ask Alexa to close the garage door or turn off the lights at home if they have Alexa-enabled home or garage door products.

The LXA5 is a double DIN DVD player/Bluetooth deck with a 6.2-inch touch screen that will be available in national and regional retail stores as well as on

“A lot of the main OEMs are incorporating Alexa into their cars,” Kern said, adding that now owners of almost any car can benefit from Alexa.

The LXA5 will be on display at CES at Amazon’s Alexa Auto Booth as well as at the BOSS Audio suite at the Westgate Hotel in the Verona Sky Villa.




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