Amazon Intros Auto Echo For Car

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Amazon will introduce its own Echo Dot for the car to be called Echo Auto.   Users can pre-order the device “by invitation only” on Amazon here.  Echo Auto is due to ship next year.

According to USA Today, Amazon decided to market an Echo Dot for the car after seeing videos and articles on consumers creating their own Echo hacks for their vehicles.

The Echo Dot includes a dash mount and is expected to carry a price tag of $49.99 (although the pre-order price tag is only $29.99).  The DIY device connects to your phone and uses 8 microphones and far-field technology to overcome road noise, blasting heat and other challenges in the car environment.
Users can ask Alexa, Amazon’s voice agent, to play music, open their garage door or find the nearest gas station.  They can play Audible books, stream podcasts, and call up Spotify, Pandora, SiriusXM, NPR and soon, Apple Music.

See USA Today story here.

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