VOXX Expands Branded App Program to CarLink BT Long Range

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VOXX Electronics

Press Release (unedited): HAUPPAUGE, NYVOXX Electronics Corporation (VEC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of VOXX International Corporation (NASDAQ: VOXX), announced today the release of My Branded App for the popular CarLink Bluetooth Long Range (ASCLBTLR) system.


“We are very excited to raise the telematics bar even higher with the release of My Branded App for the CarLink ASCLBTLR system for our retailers and new car dealers,” said Aron Demers, Senior Vice President, VOXX Electronics Corporation.  “Our dealers have embraced the My Branded App program with our CarLink cellular system ASCL6, and now they will be able to use this exciting program across the entire CarLink line-up.”


The CarLink My Branded App program gives retailers and new car dealers the ability to brand the CarLink App with their logo and use push notifications for specials and promotions directly to their customers using the CarLink App.


VOXX Electronics also launched a new patent pending feature called BLE Background Mode on the ASCLBTLR.  The new background mode pre-pairs the smartphone with the ASCLBTLR remote control and allows users to instantly control their vehicle when the CarLink smartphone app is launch, no more waiting for the transmitter to pair to the smartphone.


“This is a significant technology development that will allows users with instant access to their vehicles and is a simple app update for all existing users,” said Demers.


“The CarLink category is preforming above our expectations for this remote start season and the introduction of CarLink Bluetooth Long Range, offering consumers the ability to control their vehicle with the CarLink smartphone app from over 1 mile away with no monthly or annual fees, along with the My Branded App program has a lot to do with it.  This is a significant technology development that will allow users with instant access to their vehicle, with a simple update to their existing app,” concluded Demers.


For more information on becoming a VOXX Electronics Dealer in the US, please visit: www.voxxelectronics.com/become-dealer




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