Elettromedia Announces 2019 Tariff Strategy

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Elettromedia USA, which supplies Hertz and Audison brands in the US, announced its strategy for the first half of 2019 to accommodate tariffs imposed on Chinese goods, including car audio amplifiers.

The company will hold prices steady through June 2019 on amplifiers for those dealers who buy in under new programs before the end of the year. This will apply even if tariff fees climb from the current 10 percent to the more burdensome 25 percent, as expected January 1.

Elettromedia said dealers who buy in may also receive extra discounts and extended payment terms.  Those who don’t buy in could be subject to the 25 percent tariff next year.

Rob Wempe, Elettromedia USA VP said, “Concessions from our Italian partners and other factors have enabled us to offer this program.”

For more information on the programs offered contact Elettromedia.


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  1. Is the map and retail pricing also going to increase by 10%-25% to match the product cost increase or is this amount supposed to be fully absorbed by the dealer which will in turn cause a large loss in dealer profit dollars ?

    By the way this question is not only asked Elettromedia but to all the manufacturer partners in the 12 volt industry.

  2. Thank you Steve, Phil and Rob. Once again you came through for the Cartunes. “Miles of Smiles”

  3. So, much like the upper income have benefited from the tax cuts and don’t feel the pinch of these tariffs, the larger dealers will benefit from their ability to buy in at any time unlike the small dealers that may not have this ability and will feel the pinch of these tariffs.

    1. Matt,
      If you are a dealer, please reach out to your rep or me to see that we have made this program for everyone. We have also included favorable payment terms to help dealers participate in this program.
      Thank you for your interest in Elettromedia.
      Rob Wempe

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