Rockford, Alpine Reveal Tariff Plans

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12 Volt reacts to tariffs

Alpine and Rockford reacted to recent tariffs imposed on Chinese goods that affect 12 volt amplifiers, automotive cameras and other goods.

Rockford told retailers it will raise prices effective November 1 on those goods impacted by the tariff.  Each of those products will see a price hike in the exact amount of the tariff, as a direct “pass through charge.”    This differs from the strategy adopted by a few other companies to raise prices across the board on all products by a certain percentage.

Rockford will reassess its strategy if the second phase of the tariffs go into effect as planned January 1. During the second phase, tariffs on goods such as amplifiers, cameras and blind spot detection systems will increase from the current 10 percent to 25 percent.

Alpine said it expects to raise prices January 1.  “We have amplifiers built in China, source units and a couple of camera pieces.  We’ve absorbed the hit but we will have to do something. We’ll do the best we can to remain competitive in our pricing,” said Mike Anderson. He offered no specifics on the amount of the price increase.

Many suppliers on the floor at the SEMA show last week such as Escort said they will finalize their pricing plans in mid December. They also said that it would be impossible for them to absorb a 25 percent tariff without raising prices.

Photo: Reuters

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  1. Problem with that, Mike, is that there’s even tariffs on the components used to build those things on US soil! So companies with US based manufacturing plants STILL get nailed by a tariff that is supposed to promote things like that.
    Fairly poorly thought out on that. I can understand the assembled goods if we’re trying to give a reason to manufacture in the US, but tariffs on the parts to manufacture those things is not helping that.

  2. What a terrible thing it would be to see vendors moving as much manufacturing as possible OUT of China. Never to return. Oh, horror of horrors for US national security interests!

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