Focal Replaces Utopia Line Up

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Focal announced in Las Vegas its new replacement for the high end Utopia series, a staple of the car audio audiophile market.

The new Utopia M now offers a range of speakers that consumers can select a la carte.

The Utopia M series is hand-built in France. It includes a 6-inch woofer plus a Beryllium tweeter, 3.5-inch mid driver, an 8-inch woofer and a 10-inch subwoofer.

Utopia 6WM
Utopia 6WM

The Utopia M uses an “M-profile W sandwich” cone.   Focal said it used laser measuring and the most advanced simulation tools to develop the one-piece cone with no central dome. This enables better frequency response and better sound dispersion. The profile also reduces the depth and allows for a larger voice coil.

The series also has a new TMD suspension, progressive spider, and red neodymium motor.

Also new is a 2-way passive kit replacing the 165W-RC.  Focal says it kept the “essence” of the 165W-RC including simple installation and its signature sound while adding new technology.  It also gets the new TMD suspension, progressive spider and a new ventilated motor.  The new 165W-XP 2-way kit uses a new Beryllium inverted dome tweeter and features a bi-amplification passive crossover.

We were told the systems may ship in January, but Focal has not confirmed this. Pricing was not yet available.

The “Ultima Kit,” introduced in 2014 remains at the top of the line at $20,000.

For more on the Utopia M click here.

Focal is distributed by Orca Design & Manufacturing.



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