Who’s Raising Prices on Cameras and ADAS

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VOXX backup camera

Feature Story: At least one supplier is raising prices on backup cameras, backup sensors and blind spot detection systems in reaction to new tariffs on Chinese goods.

Others say they will hold the line on pricing for now.

VOXX Electronics announced a 5 to 7 percent price increase on all car cameras, blind spot detectors and back up sensors.  Also, VOXX and its Omega Research brand are increasing prices on analog remote start and security systems. Digital Flashlogic and Omega interface modules are not impacted by the tariffs, it said.

The company may implement another increase in January, when tariffs are expected to climb from the current 10 percent rate to 25 percent.

VOXX’s Aron Demers said, “Are we happy about it, no. But we understand why it needs to be done.  We’re just looking at our other alternatives including manufacturing outside of China, where it makes economic sense.”

Rydeen is in the process of deciding on whether or not to raise prices.

Both Vision Tech and Brandmotion said they are not raising prices this year on cameras and blind spot systems.

EchoMaster and Rostra did not wish to comment for this article.

Brandmotion’s Jeff Varick, who is also founder of the Vision Zero Automotive Network, which is dedicated to reducing traffic deaths, said Brandmotion will hold pricing because safety equipment in cars saves lives and reduces injuries.  Brandmotion said it will manage the extra tariff costs in three ways: “…by continuing to source from a variety of countries not currently subject to tariffs (especially the US wherever possible), by working with our manufacturing plants to find engineering cost reduction ideas on our designs and three, by looking for cost reduction ideas inside our company.”

JL Audio, Directed, Cerwin Vega and Diamond Audio are also raising prices in response to tariffs implemented by the Trump Administration, and others are expected to follow suit.  The latest round of these tariffs hit on September 24.

To be clear, the tariffs cover motion cameras but not still cameras.  Below are the products and their specific HTS customs codes (as designated by the U.S. International Trade Commission) listed in the latest round of Trump Administration tariffs as provided by Vision Tech:

Motion Cameras: HS 8525.80.50, HS 8525.80.30

Back Up Sensors: HS 8512.30.00

Blind Spot Detection:  HS 8512.30.00



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