Alpine is Moving in Sign of the Times

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Alpine Electronics


Alpine Electronics of America announced plans to move its headquarters for the Americas from Torrance, California to Auburn Hills, Michigan effective April 19, 2019.

Alpine stated, “This move will help strengthen operations closer to our automotive customers in the Americas and ensure growth in a very competitive market,” according to President  of Alpine Electronics of America Sakae Okuda. Most sales, engineering, and support positions will be relocated to Auburn Hills.

But Alpine will continue to maintain a presence in Southern California to support “local customers and operations,” it said.

The move to be closer to US car makers highlights Alpine’s sharpened focus on OEM operations.  Alpine’s aftermarket global sales now total about 17 percent, compared to an 83 percent share in OEM sales. During the last fiscal year, Alpine reported aftermarket global sales of $398.5 million and OEM sales of $2 billion.

A total of 33 percent of Alpine’s business is in North America, 12 percent in Japan, 35 percent in Europe and 20 percent in Asia.

Alpine estimates that it’s total global sales will grow to $2.7 billion in the coming year with profits of $91.6 million




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  1. They did that a few years ago in the UK, moved from 30 miles North of London and relocated within 5 miles of Jaguar’s main factory, bet they’ve also relocated to Munich to be near BMW.

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