The New Shape of Pioneer Speakers

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Pioneer introduced a new A-Series of speakers aimed at the specialist and general retail markets and it took the unusual step of adding speaker plates that ship in the box.

The new A-series is a mid-priced line that adds to the higher priced Z- and D-series products announced last year.

The A series 6.5 -inch coaxial speakers, components and almost all the 6 by 9 speakers ship with  “multifit” adapters.   The adapters are scored so you can break away the parts you don’t need.

“We’ve taken physical measurements using a 3D scanner so the adapter is scored with breakaway tabs to match General Motors, Toyota, Nissan and other vehicles,” said VP Marketing Ted Cardenas. “Many OEM speakers now have a molded bracket so a 6.5 inch speaker isn’t really a 6.5 inch anymore because Nissan may have a 3-hole shape and another [OEM] may have 4 holes.  So retailers need to stock specific adapters.”

The speaker box includes a QR code that can be scanned with a phone to take users directly to a website with instructions for which tab to break off for each specific vehicle.

Individual speaker brackets can cost an additional $15, $30, or more, said Pioneer.

The new A series speakers start at about $80/pair and range up to $150. Also included in the line are four subwoofers in 10 and 12 inch sizes.

The TS-A250D4 subwoofer is a 10 inch dual 4 ohm voice coil model with 400 watt RMS power handling.  It uses a glass fiber and mica interlaced injection molded polypropylene cone and butyl rubber surround plus an oversized 56 ounce double stacked magnet.  Mounting depth is 5.25 inches.

Pictured above is the TS-A4670F 4 x 6 inch coaxial using twin polyethylene hard dome tweeters and a 1 5/8th-inch midrange plus a 4 x 6 carbon and mica reinforced cone.  It includes the custom fit installation adapter to fit in OEM speaker locations.

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  1. AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL SA41069GM Speaker Adapters

    Put in hundreds of these coat hanger adaptor plates Google it Noobies.

  2. The adaptor idea is a great concept. Maybe the photo should have covered the new speaker or woofers concepts. the 4 x6 in the photo has been a Pioneer staple as long as I can remember. Mounting these was sometimes a major pain in the butt.

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