AAMP Distributes ADS Remote Start

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AAMP Global announced today it has partnered with Automotive Data Solutions (ADS) to distribute iDataStart integrated remote starters.

Effective immediately, AAMP now stocks the full line of over 40 iDataStart products, marking the first time it has carried a complete  line of remote start products, it said.

AAMP General Manager and Executive VP Marie Still said, “… The remote start category is one that we, historically, have not been a full solution provider, but one that is critical to many of our retail partners’ business. Partnering with ADS allowed us to better serve our customers and their business models.”

ADS Marketing Director Dan Facciolo said of the deal, “AAMP is a national distributor.  A lot of dealers buy parts from AAMP and we feel it’s a very good fit in the remote start category.”

At one point in 2016, AAMP and ADS partnered on iDataLink Maestro products as a result of a lawsuit.   AAMP said that this new partnership was independent of that suit.

ADS has offered vehicle specific remote start for many years, but its universal iDataStart line launched about 4 years ago.

iDataStart offers 1 mile range universal remote starters with built-in data module and immobilizer bypass technology. They are offered with a range of optional T-harnesses to simplify installation. While its remote starters currently work with remote-start-from-a-smartphone apps from other brands, ADS plans to release its own remote-start-from-a-phone technology in the near future that will have “our own unique features,” said Facciolo. He did not offer a specific release date.

For more information on the iDataStart solutions available through AAMP, visit PAC-Audio.com




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