Most Wanted Infotainment Brands

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Bose infotainment

Forty-one percent of consumers in the US now say that a premium audio system is a must have features in a new car. This is up from 35 percent last year, according to Strategy Analytics.

And almost half of the respondents in a new study said they would pay $1,500 or less for premium audio as an option on their next car.

Bose continues to be the most preferred premium audio brand.  In the US, it was preferred by 19 percent more respondents than Sony, which is the second most popular brand.

Pioneer took third place in the US followed by JBL and Boss Audio.

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best brands infotainment

Source: Strategy Analytics

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  1. I agree with everyone’s comments !!!

    Every year these Car Makers “Farm Out” their audio to the “Lowest Bidder” = WE WIN.
    Let them keep making “Fancy looking things for the Dash – and hooking them up to .50 cent speakers. For $1500.00 at a Car Audio Shop – we can give them a 5 channel amp 4 great speakers and a small sub…… let them TRY and compare THAT to ANYTHING in the factory world.

  2. we have a saying…”no highs no lows must be a bose”
    premium just means two extra tweeters and an underpowered amp.
    with a “premium” logo attached to the speaker grilles.
    around $1000 profit at factory volumes.

  3. 41% want a “premium sound system” in their new car. Half will pay $1500 or less for “premium sound”. I’ll leave it right there.

  4. A perfect example of how advertising rather than product audio quality can impact many people’s opinions.

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