Brandmotion Launches First of Its Kind Trailer Cam

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Brandmotion is shipping a trailer camera with a unique twist for drivers that tow.  When you connect a trailer to your truck or SUV, the camera will automatically switch from the factory camera to the trailer camera so you can see behind what you are towing. Brandmotion says this automatic switching is a first for the aftermarket.

It works with Ford, General Motors or Chrysler vehicles.

The 9002-7800 series includes a factory T-harness that connects to the display screen and a quick connect camera harness you mount to your bumper. That connects to a harness and camera that can be installed on any trailer.

It’s available in three vehicle specific models plus a universal package (that doesn’t have automatic camera switching).

The vehicle specific models are the 9002-7804 for GM radios with 8- and 4.3-inch screens, the 9002-7805 for Ford SUV and truck radios with 8-inch screens and the 9002-7806 for Fiat Chrysler trucks and SUVs with 8.4- or 5-inch factory screens.

Estimated price is $499 each.


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