New Smartphone ADAS From Completely Keyless

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Press Release (edited):

COCOA BEACH, FL – Completely Keyless, a developer of cell phone centric advanced automotive solutions, is now offering Lane Keep Assist and Forward Collision Warning safety features via smart phones.

“Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are proven to help with the prevention of accidents but some products are factory options only or simply unaffordable for many consumers,” stated Mark Cann, head of product development. “By utilizing almost any smartphone from the past 5 years, we allow cutting edge safety to be available to everyone.”

The product includes an OBD2 adapter with micro USB output, magnetic cradle with accessory for mobile device (although most universal mounts work as well), and manual.

It works with mobile devices running Android 5.0 or newer or  iOS10 or newer.

Main features:

  • Lane Keep Assist functions on both highway and city streets
  • Forward Collision Warning provides estimated time to impact
  • Visual Warnings adjust in real time
  • Optional Emergency Call assistance
  • Great option for fleet and other professional drivers

Keeping the vehicle in the proper lane along with leaving enough travel time between the vehicle ahead  are primary methods to help avoid collisions and other accidents.

Product details are available here:

For more information email:  [email protected]

For a limited time only, Completely Keyless has allocated units specifically for retailers that would like a One-To-Show and One-To-Go option

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