Some Hot Car Audio Products Face Short Supply

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A few 2018 car audio products have become spring season hot sellers to the point that suppliers are having trouble meeting demand.

The Alpine HALO9,  Sony’s new XAV-AX5000, and Rockford’s Harley Davidson motorcycle audio drop in kits have been in and out of back order due to higher than expected demand, said retailers and suppliers.

One of Kenwood’s new decks with Hi-Res screens also saw some supply issues in May.  The navigation version, model DNX-995S  was in back order “on and off.” Kenwood said, “it’s not a big issue as we have more arriving monthly.” The DNX-995S has a 6.8-inch screen with a Hi-Res screen (showing 2.7 million pixels instead of the typical 1.5 million) plus wireless Android Auto, Waze, wired CarPlay, Garmin navigation, HD Radio and WiFi at $1,299.

By all accounts, Pioneer’s new radio line that includes the first all wireless CarPlay and Android Auto radios are also selling well, but without back order problems to date.

“The Alpine HALO9 has been on back order since its introduction in late February through the end of May, so all shipments were via air freight,” said Alpine. The HALO9 is a mechless head unit with a floating 9 inch display that can bring a larger screen to many vehicles. Also known as the iLX-F309, it has a single DIN chassis at $899.99.

Rockford did not respond to our request for comment although many dealers said the company’s Harley Davidson drop in kits were strong sellers and inventory was spotty.

The Sony XAV-AX5000 has been selling better than expected and is in back order, confirmed Sony.   The unit has a bezel-free 7-inch capacitive  screen for a “flat, flush, mirror-like display,” Sony said. Retailers say its CarPlay and Android Auto and general operation is fast and responsive.  It is also SiriusXM ready at $429.




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