Remote Start Brand Relaunches

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Thirty-year-old Scytek has relaunched its product line and is recommitting to the market, it said.

A few years ago it scaled back its market presence due to problems with quality control.  As a result owner Greg Kellzi, said he bought out his partners and switched factories, bringing all assembly over the US with 100 percent quality control.

“I wanted to reinvest in the company,” said Kellzi. He said product quality is now solid and the company is growing again.

Scytek now offers a data module with a data port that is the only port for plugging in relays and add-ons.  After the first accessory plugs in, all others then daisy chain to that accessory.

Accessories include a two way antenna, and remote-start-from-a-phone capability as well as GPS tracking and fleet tracking.

A high current relay pack for older cars will ship in mid July.

Scytek offers two lines. The starting price for a module and two remotes is only $50 in the basic Astra line or $56 in the step up Galaxy line that adds a leather finish to the remote transmitters. You can see the full Galaxy line here.

The data module measures about 2 by 3-inches.  All accessories are plug and play.  Users also can use their factory remotes with 3X lock press.  The MobiLink feature provides GPS tracking and fleet management as well as phone-based remote start.  Tracking options start at $5.99 per month.

Scytek does not offer T-harnesses.

Tech support is provided from 8 am to 4 pm Pacific time.  Current distributors include BESCO, Mid-State, Looten’s and Hitron.






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  1. We appreciate your comment and understand where it came from.
    Today we at ScyTek Electronics are fully committed to product quality and great customer experience.
    I recently took over the management of ScyTek Electronics which I founded over 30 years ago.
    I am committed to having the best product line with great customer service.

    Greg Kellzi
    ScyTek Electronics Inc.

  2. I would purchase a single piece from this company. There warranty is very poor. Management doesn’t even return phone calls. Deserve to go out of business

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