Subaru’s Radical Rear Seat Entertainment Offer

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Subaru announced a new option for rear seat entertainment last week that upends the tradition headrest or overhead monitor package.

Acknowledging the popularity of tablets, Subaru will now sell drivers two iPads with Harman Kardon Bluetooth headphones and an OtterBox Defender case for a low price of $970 that are simply sent to the customer’s home.

Subaru will also now begin offering in-car WiFi starting with the all-new 2019 three-row Ascent SUV. Additional 2019 Subaru models will be WI-FI capable including the all-new Forester.

Subaru claims the tablet kit’s suggested retail price of $970 is hundreds of dollars cheaper than if the iPads and accessories were purchased separately.   The iPads are 9.7-inch WiFi models with 32-MB of storage. points out that the $970 price is also much cheaper than the $1,750 for a rear seat entertainment system without DVD player in the 2018 Chevy Traverse.

The Subaru system is called STARLINK Entertainment Anywhere kit offered through Subaru retailers.

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