Kicker Recalls Two L7R Models

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Feature Story: Kicker is recalling the first production run of its new 10 and 12-inch 45L7R component woofers.

Stillwater Designs, Kicker’s parent, discovered a glue joint was inadequately primed in two models of the square subwoofers, which could result in stress failure under extreme use.

Kicker is replacing the woofers.  In a letter to retailers it said, “Going forward, we have fully addressed the issue in manufacturing and are confident the woofers will perform as expected. Once our stock of properly manufactured woofers is replenished, we will begin shipping the 45L7R10 and the 45L7R12 again.”

The 15 inch 45L7R15 was not affected by the manufacturing issue “and performs above and beyond expectation,” said Kicker.

Retailers can contact the Kicker claims department to receive a call tag for the product to be returned for full credit on the 10 and 12-inch models. Retailers should also contact any customers who were sold the products and inform them of the issue, said the company. Kicker will provide a 44L7S replacement upgrade at no additional cost.

The new L7s had just begun shipping.

A Kicker spokesman said, “As Kicker always works diligently to ensure the quality and reliability of our product, the issue has already been addressed, and properly manufactured 10- and 12-inch L7R woofers will begin shipping once again very soon.”


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  1. Agreed. They caught this very early on which is good for retailers and customers. Things happen and in typical Kicker fashion, they’re making it right! Great company!

  2. Really not a big deal. Barely any have been sold and they’re offering a free upgrade to a beefier more expensive version. Kudos on them for sacking up and handling the situation properly though.

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