Firstech Announces Vision Zero Support

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SEATTLE: Firstech, maker of aftermarket driver safety and security solutions, is partnering with the Vision Zero Automotive Network (VZAN) to save 10,000 lives per year from traffic death.

Firstech has pledged to support Vision Zero on its efforts to raise consumer awareness of the technologies that are available to improve driver safety. An example of these technologies is the Momento R1, a backup camera solution released by Firstech in 2017. The Momento R1 is a rearview mirror replacement with a built-in LCD screen, so that a backup camera system can be added to nearly any vehicle. The presence of backup camera systems can reduce crash rates and ‘backup fatalities’ by 16% (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 2016).

“Traffic deaths are a multidimensional problem – ranging from how vehicles are manufactured to how they are driven,” explains Firstech’s managing director, Jason Kaminski. “Firstech is committed to being part of the solution by helping Vision Zero educate customers in the technologies that are available to them; regardless of what vehicle they own.”

Throughout 2018, Vision Zero will exhibit at both industry and public events; establishing regional advocacy programs to extend the network’s reach. In addition to Firstech, Vision Zero has announced the support of several key industry leaders including Pioneer, Car Toys, and Brandmotion. Vision Zero’s Executive Director, Jim Warren, shares, ““Vision Zero deeply appreciates Firstech’s commitment to safety and to Vision Zero Automotive Network. Firstech’s leadership and commitment will make a difference and save lives.”


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