Rydeen Ships Two HD Cameras

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Press Release (edited):

 TORRANCE, CA–Rydeen Mobile Electronics  is now shipping two new flagship cameras, CM-DUO2 and CM-LIP2.


The DUO (ZH07-150B) was one of the first specialty cameras introduced by Rydeen more than eight years and has become one of Rydeen’s most popular specialty cameras. Like its predecessor, the CM-DUO2 has a stud mount with a small hole inside the stud mount for the camera wiring, as well as a 90 degree 2-angle installation feature and selectable parking lines.


The biggest improvement with the CM-DUO2 is the Ultra HD CMOS with 960 lines of resolution. The same HD resolution as the new CM-HD3.


The CM-DUO2 has an “OEM look” and is typically used as back-up camera on vehicles that have a trunk lip over the license plate housing.  Night vision is a plus with super low 0.1 LUX.  The  CM-DUO2 is waterproof (IP67-IP68).


The CM-LIP2 replaces the CM-LIP surface mount camera with selectable parking lines On/Off as well as Mirror/Standard image selectable.  New features of CM-LIP2 include the new Super HD CMOS with 580 TV lines of resolution plus the new Black Diamond lens for improved color resolution at night.  Also new are “Active Parking Lines” that have selectable On/Off and Front/Rear capabilities.


Similar to the CM-DUO2, the new CM-LIP2 has super low 0.3 LUX and is IP67-IP68 waterproof.

The cameras each have a suggested retail price of $169.

“Both the DUO camera and the LIP camera have been popular cameras in the Rydeen line-up for many years.  Rydeen strives in being a high quality feature-oriented vendor. The new added features and improvements to these “2” new cameras exemplify this attitude,” said Mike Northup, Director of Sales and Marketing.


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