Bose Puts Audio in Sunglasses

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Bose showed off a prototype of  Augmented Reality (AR) glasses that are audio-only.  The glasses are designed to deliver audio as you need it.

Unlike typical AR glasses, the Bose prototype doesn’t superimpose information on what you see, but it delivers a layer of audio information relevant to what you are doing and experiencing at the moment, reported CNET.

It uses sensors to track head motion plus GPS from an iPhone or Android phone to track location.  So if you are traveling, you might hear an audio narrative of sight seeing.  Bose is already working with travel companies like TripAdvisor as well as Strava and Yelp, MIT Media Lab and the NYU Future Reality Lab, said Engadget.

Bose told CNET the glasses are the first audio augmented platform.

The Bose prototype “glasses to hear,” will be available this summer only to developers.

For more see CNET and Engadget.


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