ESCORT Intros New Custom Radar Detectors

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ESCORT announced two custom-installed radar detector “platforms” that allow the addition of multiple radar detectors and laser shifters to create full systems.

The new ESCORT iX Ci Platform is now the lowest entry price point into the custom installed detector market, according to ESCORT.

The new iX Ci and the MAX Ci Platform let you add up to 4 laser shifts plus additional rear radar sensors.  The iX Ci comes with standard DSP and detection range and the MAX Ci Platform adds Ultra DSP technology for better and quicker detection.

The iX Ci  includes a filter to eliminate false alarms from vehicle collision systems. It has an LED matrix display and control panel. The ESCORT MAX Ci Platform has an advanced range front radar receiver and a color OLED display and controller.

The systems will also include GPS antennae, interface boxes and Bluetooth capability for connecting with the ESCORT Live app.

The ESCORT MAX Ci 360 remains in the line up, offering both front and rear radar receivers as well as front and rear laser shifters for 360 degree detection.

“Every vehicle and every customer is a little different,” said Brady Siebert, Sales Director, Cedar Electronics. “We want to give our dealers as much flexibility to customize these Ci systems to their customer’s needs.”

The ESCORT iX Ci and MAX Ci Platform will be available in April at authorized specialists at retail prices of $1,499.95 and $1,995.95, respectively, before installation. All add-on parts will be available a la carte at the same time.

They will be on display at booth #316 at KnowledgeFest- Long Beach, February 23 – 25 at the Long Beach Convention Center.

Also new from ESCORT are the ZR5 and ZW5 Laser Shifter Systems with updated design and improved performance plus the return of windshield mounted detector integration

The shifters are smaller but more powerful.  The ZR5 includes two ShifterMax sensors, bridge box, in-vehicle controller and interface enabling the Shifter System to either be used independently or through a direct wire cord to plug into existing ESCORT windshield mounted detectors.  It is also expandable with two additional ShifterMax sensors for a total of four shifters for maximum front or rear laser protection.

The ZW5  is designed to wirelessly integrate with ESCORT windshield mounted radar detectors.  It allows full audio and visual alert output as well as complete ShifterMax system control all through the windshield mounted detector in real time. The ZW5 includes a wireless interface, bridge box, ZW5 Smartcord, and two ShifterMax sensors. The interface mounts under the hood and communicates to the ESCORT windshield unit through wireless technology.

The ZR5 and ZW5 are both available now for $849.95 through or at specialists.



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