First Alexa Car Radio Due at CES!

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Maybe you are accustomed to asking Alexa for the weather, or to play music, or add items to your shopping list.  Soon you will be able to do so while driving with the help of a new Alexa car radio from BOSS Audio.

The Model LXA5 will be on display during CES.  It integrates Amazon’s voice service via a WiFi connection through your smartphone or a portable hotspot.

The radio will display an Alexa icon and it comes with an external microphone so you can talk the radio as you would an Echo speaker.

Users then get similar functionality in their cars as they would in their homes.

BOSS Audio VP of Sales Doug Kern said, “Our customers will be able to access the tens of thousands of available Alexa’s voice skills.  They will be able to control their Alexa-enabled smart home products while driving…” So drivers can adjust the heat at home by saying, “Alexa, turn the heat on at 72 degrees,” prior to arriving home.  Or they can say, “Alexa, open the garage door.”  They will be able to ask questions like “Alexa tell me a joke,” “Alexa, what’s the news?” or “Alexa, play rock music.”

The new LXA5 is a Double Din radio with 6.2-inch touchscreen, AM/FM/CD/DVD, and Bluetooth connectivity for hands-free calling and wireless audio streaming.

BOSS will display the LXA5 at the Verona Sky Villa Suite at the Westgate hotel Tuesday January 9th – Thursday January 11th.

Retail plans and pricing will be announced.

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  1. Obviously, the initial comment is coming from someone that is unaware of the size of Boss Audio and the volume they do. Yes, they are not known as a high end brand but they offer a great product for the money. Last NPD data report I saw, listed them as #4 in in-dash navigation, only behind Kenwood, Pioneer and Alpine. #7 in amps, #7 in in-dash video and #7 in in-dash CD and media.

  2. For the number of writers who actually write about our industry “not many at this time” we should be thankful for what we have and quit bashing and complaining about what they are doing or not doing.

    Personally I want to hear about what everyone is doing no matter if they are an industry leader or not. All the manufactures can learn from each other what people want, what works, and what doesn’t.

    That is the way the industry will continue to improve for ALL of us.

  3. Why do you write articles about bottom of the barrel brands like Boss? It makes it difficult to take your company seriously. I neglect to see one reputably brand on this article’s page. Are you only catering to the low end brands, who need to advertise vs the high end brands who do not?

    1. I “cater” to news and innovation. I wrote about Kenwood offering wireless Android Auto last week. Kenwood has never advertised with CEoutlook. I write about “minor” brands when they offer something innovative. If it seems like there is an overabundance of stories from “minor” brands, it may be that they are innovating or experimenting with new features more readily than the leading brands. But honestly, many of the key brands are withholding their new product introductions until CES, at which time, you will hear more about their new products. I hope that answers your question.

    2. Uh….:
      1/2: Kenwood President Dies
      1/2: Focal and K40
      12/28: Kenwood @ CES
      12/27: Echomaster (AAMP brand)
      12/19: Metra
      12/18: Audiocontrol
      12/14: Phoenix Gold
      12/13: Nav-TV
      12/12: Harman
      12/7 BBY and Audiocontrol

      Damn Amy… I guess he’s right. Quit scraping the bottom on the barrel. 😛

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