Bose Expands Headrest Speakers

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Bose is expanding its advanced multi-speaker systems, which include speakers placed inside a headrest.

A new system due in an all new Nissan Kicks which ships this summer, marks the US debut of what Bose is calling its line of “Small Vehicle” systems “designed specifically for smaller, entry-level (A and B segment) vehicles that typically don’t offer premium branded audio,” said a spokesman.

The new Nissan Kicks will be the first car in North America to include a new 8-speaker Bose “Personal Plus” sound system with a pair of headrest speakers (for the driver only).

The system uses 2.5 inch UltraNearField speakers, which help create a “wide sound field around the driver’s seat” with the quality of sound that would typically require more speakers, said the spokesman.

The headrest speakers work with a pair of 6.5 inch Super65 door speakers, a pair of cross-firing 1-inch tweeters (one in each A-pillar) and a pair of 5.25-inch wide-range speakers (one in each door).

The Kicks is expected to sell at around $20,000.

The Bose Small Vehicle Series was first demonstrated at CES 2016.

Larger vehicles using similar technology include the Cadillac CT6, Mazda MX-5, and Fiat 124 Spider.

Photo: Bose headrest speaker in the new Nissan Kicks at LA Auto Show via CNET.

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  1. A new system, that we stole from the 1990’s Mazda Miata!! Is due out in the all new Nissan Kicks! For all you audio guys out there, you just have to unzip the headrest, and pull out the 2 1/2 inch speaker from the foam in the headrest. IDIOTS!

  2. Why?? How about just using proper speaker placement and processing? All these weird Bose speakers eventually bite the consumer in the rear either when they want to upgrade or when the speaker needs replaced. Stop it. Sticking with common speakers sizes – 6.5″, 6×9, etc. etc.” – should also keep costs down due to the simple fact they are so common.

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