New Transmitters For Digital Remote Start

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Engineering and manufacturing company Lightwave Technology, led by a co-founder of ADS, is offering to distributors a new Connected brand of remote control transmitters that can work with any digital remote start system, regardless of brand.


Lightwave is the developer of the LOOK-IT wireless back up camera distributed exclusively by VOXX and the SmartControl system sold under the Carlink CLBTLR brand by VOXX also.


Lightwave Technology does not sell direct to retailers and is looking distributors for the Connected remote transmitters product line-up.


“We’re empowering installers to use any digital remote start system to connect to our RF platform technology, so they can marry the remotes to any all-in-one remote start solutions,” said Alex Rinaldoni, Director of Marketing.


The transmitters use 900MHz spread spectrum technology with one-mile range. They come one in a pack because the driver’s factory keyfob (with 3x lock press) can be used as the backup transmitter.  Pricing starts at $69 suggested retail price for a one-way 5 button transmitter and $89 for a two-way LED 1 button and 5 button version.


Lightwave Technologies was created and is lead by Jack Wisnia who founded AutoStart in 1988 and is also a co-founder of Automotive Data Solutions.


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  1. the kits are specifically to be used on any digital databus kit that you would use for 3lock start (adsalca,flcan,dball,evo all ,evo1) converting it to long range or long range 2 way at a VERY inexpensive retail

  2. Still nearly 100 bucks for a replacement… so i fail to see the advantage. Yeah, you can use it across brands. I don’t see that application meaning much to the average customer.

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