Fortin Intros No-Key Remote Start For More VWs

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Fortin EVO ONE



MONTREAL–Fortin is pleased to announce that the “No Key Sacrificed” immobilizer bypass and remote start solution for Volkswagen 2017 vehicles has been updated and now covers Jetta, Tiguan and Passat 2017 push-to-start and standard key vehicles.


The solution does not require an expensive VW specific module. It uses the Fortin TB-VW adapter designed to work in conjunction with EVO-ONE or EVO-ALL platforms to offer a secure cost effective solution.


The solution also covers remote start from the OEM remote function for 3X Lock and Lock Unlock Lock start. RF Kits and compatible smartphone/telematic devices can also be connected directly to the EVO-ALL and EVO-ONE modules to extend the operating range if desired.


Fortin Electronic Systems is a world leading developer and manufacturer of integrated consumer solutions for vehicle control and connectivity.


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