ESCORT Launches WiFi Radar Detector

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ESCORT, Inc announced a new radar detector for the connected car.  It’s new MAX 360c includes WiFi so it can connect to a car that has built-in WiFi to issue certain alerts through the car radio.

With the new MAX 360c, ESCORT Live alerts for red light and speed cameras as well as speed traps are issued through the car ‘s WiFi-based infotainment system (rather than through your smartphone).

The new radar/laser detector also includes Bluetooth for those who don’t have WiFi in their car (to issue alerts through a phone). Additionally, when a user parks the car near a WiFi hotspot, the detector will automatically update to the latest software and firmware.

The ESCORT MAX 360c has a new slimmer design. A new layout for LED arrows that pointto the direction of the threat are now easier to see.

“Every major car manufacturer is planning for connected car options, if not already bringing them to market. As the detection industry leader, it’s our job to complement the latest in car technology with our state of the art radar/laser detection systems,” said John Kuhn, Vice President, Radar Engineering for Cedar Electronics.

About 25 percent of all 2018 vehicles will have a WiFi option package, growing to 35 percent in 2019, said ESCORT.

In 2019, cars with a WiFi option include:

      • GM cars with OnStar Verizon LTE 2016 & 2017 models
      • Audi
      • Honda/Acura
      • Porsche
      • BMW
      • Mercedes Benz
      • Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Fiat & Ram Trucks
      • Jaguar
      • Land Rover
      • Volvo
      • Infinity & Nissan
      • Ford/Lincoln is committing to add this in top models in the 2018 brand year

The ESCORT MAX 360c also includes front and rear detection with dual antennas, as well as GPS intelligence and an IVT Filter to prevent false alarms from the driver safety features in other cars such as adaptive cruise control.

The new MAX 360c will be available in mid-November for a retail price of $699.95 exclusively through or by calling (866) 709-8744.


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