Kicker Intros Audio Programmer for Harley

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Kicker has developed a programmer for Harley-Davidson motorcycles that can link directly to the bike’s CAN Bus to allow the addition of aftermarket speakers and amplifiers without the need for “bandaids” such as a line output converter.

The product was soft launched earlier this year with full shipping starting in two weeks.

The programmer, model TRHDP  was on display at the SEMA Show last week. It works with 2014 and newer Harley “baggers” with a faring

“Where everyone else is trying to find patches and bandaids, we’re going at this just like the factory …The factory would reflash the radio; that’s how we go about it,” said Joe Gross, Kicker Unit Director of OEM Automotive & Powersports Sales & Product Line.

Just as cars include OBD2 ports, a Harley includes a port under the service cover. Users plug in the programmer and connect it to a laptop computer to “tell” the bike they are adding speakers, etc.  Then they reflash the radio to program it and to reset the bike’s diagnostic codes.

“It enables the system to sound amazing,” said Gross. “At 70mph when you’re riding with a helmet you still hear it very clearly. With most, once you start the motor you’re done.”

The programmer may be purchased separately separate or sold with Kicker’s four Harley audio kits. It has a retail price of $249.



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