Harman Ships JBL Aftermarket Ford F150 System For All

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JBL is now offering to retailers a Ford F150 specific speaker/amp system, formerly sold only through Car Toys’ expeditor program.

The $999 JBL concert Edition F150 Audio System has a plug and play fit in 2015 to 2017 Ford F150 trucks with the super crew cab.

The 360 watt  system includes dual 8 inch subwoofers for under the rear seat in a factory box with four speakers and an 8 channel DSP/amplifier.

Other speakers include two 6 x 8-inch  2-way speakers for the front doors and two 6.5-inch 2-way speakers for the rear doors.  The system ships with a wiring harness so there’s no wire cutting involved in installation.

Previously the system was sold through Car Toys commercial sales division (expeditor sales to car dealers).

New Harman Director of Sales, Mobile Aftermarket Shawn Spedding said the system is a particularly good solution for those with leased F150 trucks with the non-Sony system.  “Everything is plug and play.  It’s easy to remove when the lease is up.”

Features of the system include digital time alignment for each channel and electronic crossovers tuned for the speakers.  It uses Edge-driven dome tweeters with frequency responses up to 20kHz.  The subwoofers use dual voice coils.

JBL is a Harman brand.




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  1. This is for the guy that dosn’t want to stuff a lot of junk into his truck and keep it stock looking, and not do any damage you’re not going to rattle the windows and pull of a 152 DB Spl with it.
    So its probably a nice little fart in the back of the truck for the guy who hasn’t blown his ear drums out yet. You know that funny tickle you get or the Ringing in your ears when you get home after working on cars all day and playing loud music, that’s called ear damage when you get older your wife will yell at you to turn down the TV.
    Right Shawn!
    What you really should be doing is saving your ears for better sounding systems or high end home audio systems that cost over 100k and make you cry they sound so darn good.

    I still think Infinity should bring back the Beta series car speakers. They didn’t give the line long enough to catch on. And dealers didn’t know how to sell it.
    But I love mine always have. Paired with a xtant amp from Jeff Scoon they rock still to this day.
    Infinity made some nice digital amps too I’m going to bet the JBL Amp is one from that line.
    Harman Kardon has a lot of high end lines This system was designed for plug and play, for more serious power you would need to go to the battery I’m going to bet its limited to about 20 amp current draw max Its an upgrade over stock system sound.

  2. I’ve heard it. It’s underpowered. Yeah, I get it. The appeal is the factory look and connections. That’s how you sell it. But I’m just sayin….don’t oversell the performance….because it was a bit of a disappointment.

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