Apple CarPlay May Include V2V in Future

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Apple updated a patent for vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) technology that could be included in car radios with Apple CarPlay.

Under Apple’s system you might see icons around your vehicle on a screen showing other cars. And drivers might be alerted to an emergency vehicle driving nearby.  The system might show if vehicles nearby are motorcycles or trucks, according to the patent.

The system uses transceivers and sensors placed at each corner of the car that can communicate with other cars by Bluetooth, WiFi, satellite (GPS) and IR.  The signal strength of the communication can help determine the location of surrounding cars and GPS could determine the location of your car, according to patent #US20170236420.

Apple said the system could be tied to audio and video equipment , navigation system equipment, and steering wheel equipment.

Sensors could include light sensors, proximity sensors, temperature sensors, accelerometers  to gather data,

The system could notify the driver of an impending collision, or the presence of overtaking vehicles or a car in his blindspot, according to the patent.

As noted by CNBC, not all patented technology makes it to the market, but it would make sense for Apple to deliver this technology in Apple CarPlay as it becomes more widespread.

To view the full CNBC article click here or view a similar article from Robotic and Automation News here. View the Apple patent #: US20170236420 here.



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