Car Cameras and the Frontover Accident

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frontover accident

Lots of customers come into your shop for a backup camera but they may need more than that to protect their car and their family.

Here’s some info for your floor salesmen on the importance of front facing car cameras and the prevention of “frontover” accidents, which needlessly kill or injure thousands of children each year.

Frontover accidents typically occur when the driver is moving forward slowly and fails to see a child that may have followed him to the car.  They typically occur in a residential driveway or parking lot.

Just as cars have a 8 foot wide 20-30 foot long blind zone behind them while you are backing up, so they have a 6 to 8 foot blind zone in the front, says, which helped push for the new backup camera law due to take full effect in 2018.

 The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that there may be close to 400 frontover deaths a year and as many as 20,000 injuries from frontover accidents per year.  The typical age of the victim is only 1-2 years.
Over 80 percent of frontover accidents involve a large-sized vehicle such as a truck, van or SUV, but all vehicles have a blind zone, says
And tragically, a parent or close relative is driving the vehicle in 70 percent of these incidents.
A front facing camera can do more than protect a car from hitting a concrete parking block or wall. It can save lives.
However, won’t be advocating for a law mandating front cameras as the industry is moving towards autonomous vehicles, which will include this technology, said Janette Fennell, President of
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