Here’s CarPlay For Any Car

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An add-on interface that can convert just about any radio, factory or aftermarket, to a CarPlay-ready device is shipping from DashConnectPlus.

At $999, it’s aimed at drivers who want to keep their factory radio but would like to add CarPlay.

It consists of two blackboxes that include the DashConnectPlus camera interface plus a CarPlay interface, which can mount in back of the car radio.  Then there’s a joystick-like remote control for those cars that don’t permit the use of factory touch screen controls for CarPlay.  Once you press on the remote, you can then use voice controls.

DashConnectPlus is also developing a smaller joystick that can mount on the steering wheel for more convenient controls.

You can see a video of the device in action here.

A video here shows an installation in a Lexus RX.

DashConnectPlus has been selling interfaces for car radios for 12 years, it said. It’s CarPlay interface has been shipping for about two months.

It works directly with the touch screen controls on some General Motors, Nissan and Infiniti vehicles.  It can also use the factory controller in Mercedes and BMW vehicles.  Other vehicles would use the DashConnectPlus controller.

The base DashConnectPlus module lets you add cameras, including side cameras for blind spot monitoring to the vehicle.  It supplies an autoreverse trigger and can show a front camera up to 10 miles per hour.  You can also manually access camera views as you drive.

The device has an HDMI input for phone mirroring, and now the company has added CarPlay ability, it said.

DashConnectPlus says its device works with 95 percent of the cars on the market.  It integrates with factory controls in about 10 percent of cars.

The company says it offers 7 day a week tech support.  For more information email VP Andy Behr at [email protected]

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    1. DashConnect is a baby of another brand as article point out, so 12 years sound just about right.

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