Here’s a Super 4G DashCam

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Waylens 4G dashcam

One of the first single dash cams with full 360 degree, plus real time 4G monitoring will be available for pre-order this summer from Waylens.

The Waylens Secure360 is a single camera that affixes to the windshield as a dash cam but it gives you a 360 degree view in and around the car that can be accessed at any time via the cloud from a smartphone.

If you park your car in a busy parking garage or a sketchy neighborhood, you can check it in real time on your smartphone. When you get an alert of an event, you can see the car in real time (both in and around the car).

The Waylens camera has an all-glass, 7-element lens and it uses 3D radar, 3-axis accelerometer, and 3-axis gyro event detection to sense an event such as a break in or fender bender or even a “bump” to the car.  It allows for several split screen views between the inside and outside of the car.

It automatically uploads to the cloud and gives the user on-demand access via 4G or WiFi. With 360 capability, users get a true picture of the full scene of an accident or event from all angles.

Since footage is automatically uploaded to the cloud, users can see footage even if the camera is stolen.

The camera has built-in GPS and voice recognition for hands-free control while you are driving.

“When looking at everyday car cameras, we saw incomplete and clumsy solutions,” said Waylens CEO Haowei Zhang. “A camera is only as good as the view it provides and video serves as evidence only when it tells the full story. We determined to apply our imaging and computer vision expertise to develop a solution that provides a complete security experience.”

Waylens’ new VP is Tim Coomer who spent 18 years at ESCORT, including the last 10 years as ESCORT’s VP Product Development/Category Management.

While the Secure360 may be self-installed by the consumer with a cigarette lighter adapter option, it also ships with a hard wire option for professional installation.

A WiFi-only version of the camera will also be available.  The WiFi version will ship at the end of November this year for $249.95.  The 4G version ships in the first quarter 2018 at $349.95. Waylens is currently negotiating a low 4G service fee for the product.

Waylens is headquartered in Boston, with offices in Cincinnati, Austin and Shanghai. For more information, visit or



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