Kenwood to Ship New Radios Starting in July

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Kenwood car radios

Kenwood is expected to launch a new line of  CarPlay car radios that work with a dash cam starting in July, retailers said.

Kenwood DRV-N520
Kenwood DRV-520 dash cam

The line will consist of approximately 4 Excelon and 4 Kenwood radios that can work with the Kenwood DRV-520 dash cam to display video from the dash cam on the car radio screen.

The line will include a mix of multimedia radios and navigation decks.

The new radios are not expected to drop significantly in price from current models, so we don’t expect Kenwood to follow Pioneer into $400 territory.

Kenwood instead will focus on its unique benefit of permitting dash cam video to run on the car radio screen. And since the DRV-520 also delivers early crash warning notification, the radios also display safety warnings.

Kenwood offered its first dash cam ready radio in April of this year with the mechless DMX7704S  ($550).  This July and August will mark the first release of a full line of dash cam ready radios.






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