Window Tint Tips For a Friday

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Fettik Window Tint upside down trick

Window tint, when installed in-house, is one of the most profitable services a car audio dealer can offer.

In the Northeast, only about half of car audio dealers providing window tint offer in-house service, while the other half farms out window film to an outside contractor, says Jon Dewar of the Window Tint School, Jacksonville, FL.  Outside contracting is an easier solution, but it doesn’t bring in the profits that are essential in today’s post-Amazon retail world, he said.

The other downside to sub-contractors is they may not put your business first and so may choose to show up at a more profitable job that day while being a no-show at your shop.  Conversely, with an in-house installer, you can take walk in appointments on the spot.

For those looking to bring window tinting in-house or looking for sales and installation tips, here are few from the Window Tint School’s Darren Fettik.

Sales Tip

Don’t forget to promote clear film on the front windshield to your customers.  It can reject heat by 60 percent or more for a cooler ride, which saves on air conditioning, therefore saving on gas.

Installation Tips

Intermediate Level

When placing film on a side window, do it upside down, starting from the bottom, pulling the liner up, no debris or trash from your glass will drain down on the film.   It also allows you to lift the glass and transfer it directly to your door window without the need to spin it around as you would if the glass were positioned normally.

 Fettik Window Tint upside down trick
Darren Fettik, The Window Tint School

Intermediate Tip 2

When applying tint on a 2012 and up Mercedes on the back window—once the tint is applied and squeegeed out, do NOT remove it to re-position because the rear defroster will actually come off…


Beginners Tip

You can spend hours removing old film from a car or you can try the tip below. You’ll need a large black garbage bag (like a Hefty, 39 gallon).

You’ll want to spray your wall glass and hang the garbage bag in a landscape orientation.

Then you’ll cut the garbage bag sides along the length of the bag about a half inch in, all the way across so the garbage bag can be folded open.

Clean the outside of the back window and spray it with water and center the garbage bag on the window. Cut the garbage bag just as if you were making your final cut on your tint just before you were to apply it. It does not have to be perfect, close enough is absolutely fine.

Liberally spray the inside of the rear window and the outside of the garbage bag with water, just as if you were about to stick your tint. Then transfer the garbage bag to the inside of the window and using your hand, smooth the garbage bag to the window. Be sure to keep as much water on the window as possible.

Back the car in a way that the sun is directly beaming in the back window.

After 10-15 minutes use your fingernail or a flat razor blade, start in one of the top corners of the window and slowly pull the tint off the rear window. Be sure to leave the garbage bag on the window as best you can as it keeps the water intact and keeps the process going. If the tint starts to separate or split, you can go to the opposite top corner and start again, as sometimes it may be easier to restart then to continue with the tint splitting.

Depending on the outside temperature, your wait times may be affected. Once you start pulling off the film, if it’s leaving a lot of glue, you may have to wait longer. If you wait too long, the water may dry out and the process will not work.



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