Here’s the Next CarPlay Deck

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Power Acoustik has already received Apple certification for a car audio deck to be announced in June or July with shipping this fall at under $400.

Additionally, a Soundstream version of the deck is expected to be announced in August.

Power Acoustik was able to receive Apple certification after only 3 months following submission, while some other brands, including Harman and Dual Electronics have been waiting for Apple approval for about a year, and have yet to receive approval.  Boss Audio is also awaiting approval after many months and Alpine’s wireless CarPlay deck, the first of its kind in the aftermarket, has been delayed for at least two months due to a hold up in Apple certification.

Paul Goldberg VP Sales & Marketing for the Epsilon Group (parent to Power Acoustik and Soundstream) said of the Apple certification process, “I think if you basically follow the rules and do it the way Apple is asking” you will get through  the process more easily.  He said, “People fight them because of the antenna.  Apple has very specific requirements for components, it has to have an external mic and you can pick from a couple of components, but if you choose not to, it won’t pass,” he said,

“I find what happens with a lot of engineers is they are creative and don’t like to follow rules.  But in this particular instance, you have to follow the policy the way Apple wants it and don’t try to enhance it or cut costs,” he added.

Epsilon is not yet releasing specific product details on the decks except that they will offer MirrorLink for mirroring the functions of an Android phone as well as CarPlay.

And while the Power Acoustik deck has received approval, the Soundstream version has only been in the certification for a month at this point and so is not yet approved.   (It takes at least 3 months to complete CarPlay certification).



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  1. Once it hits brands like this, it needs to be standard in all brands. Think that’s all I’m going to say on that front…

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