Kingpin Announces Class Schedule

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Kingpin car stereo installer school

Wilsonville, OR– – Kingpin University (KPU), trainer of mobile electronics sales professionals and installation technicians, announced its training schedule for the remainder of 2017. The four courses run July through October and cover different  aspects of the mobile electronics business. All courses will take place at the company’s Wilsonville, Ore., training facility.

“Every year teaches us more,” said lead instructor Jason Kranitz. “New vehicles bring more installation hurdles. New products give us more ways to deliver a better driving experience. And new techniques that we learn as a result make us better at what we do. The four classes we’ve lined up for the remainder of 2017 all feature changes and additions that reflect our industry’s new challenges and growth opportunities.”

The Nucleus installation training course is the company’s core program and is open to sales as well as installation professionals, covering a wide array of practices, tools and techniques. The curriculum starts with tips to properly quote jobs and close the sale profitably, and moves into production methods that enhance installations, improve expertise and save time. It will be held July 14-16.

For fabricators, the Advanced Trunk training class provides some instruction on bidding jobs, but primarily focuses on design and construction methods for trunk builds, including metal work, OEM style matching, panel design and grille production. It will be conducted September 23-26. The following weekend, September 28-30, Kingpin University will host its Art of Tuning class, which shows installation professionals how to plan and design car audio systems to achieve optimum playback. It also covers use of testing equipment as well as proper setup of processors of all types.

Just before the fourth-quarter rush, Kingpin University will conduct a class for store owners, designed to help them create a profitable management structure that stops them from getting bogged down in daily store issues and keeps them available to handle any need or issue. It also provides tested tips on specific situations such as compliance and staffing. The class will be held October 13-14.

The tuition fee for each class includes accommodations and select meals. For more information, contact Kingpin University at (503) 582-1315 or [email protected]

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