Aftermarket V2V Installer Plan Under Way

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Jeff-Varick of Brandmotion

Brandmotion is working with the Dept. of Transportation (DOT) to create a plan to install V2V devices through the 12 volt aftermarket once the technology gets official approval.

The DOT is highly interested in the aftermarket, says Brandmotion, because V2V car communication requires that many cars on the road use it for it to be effective.  The quickest way to get V2V into cars is to penetrate the 260 million cars already on the road, rather than waiting for new car sales at a rate of only 15 million a year.

Brandmotion is acting as the exclusive consultant to the DOT on aftermarket V2V deployment. It is developing plans for creating installation networks across the country.

“They want to know how it could happen,” said Brandmotion President Jeff Varick. He’s creating a plan that would include training for installers.

Brandmotion said it will offer more details on its program by late summer or early fall.

With V2V cars continually communicate with each other at a rate of 10 times per second.  So a driver can be alerted to a car stopped in the road around a bend or to a car entering an intersection unsafely.   The system could prevent 80 percent of crashes involving unimpaired drivers, according to the DOT.

But for V2V to be effective, about 35 percent of the cars on the road must have V2V installed,  said Varick on the technology last year. 

Cadillac recently became the first car maker to include V2V in a new vehicle– the 2017 CTS.  But the future of V2V has become uncertain (see today’s story here).

It is estimated that a V2V transceiver would cost consumers about $350 installed. If V2V is required in every vehicle as proposed by the DOT and the Fed adds some kind of incentive for consumers to get an aftermarket V2V module, and consumers are able to go to car audio shops for installation, it could mean billions of dollars in revenue for the aftermarket.

Click here to see the status of V2V coming to market.

Photo: Jeff Varick, Brandmotion

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  1. As retailers – let’s hope the V2V module costs us $175.00. Then we can make 30% on the product – and get $100.00 towards installation and explanation time. Bring ’em on !!!

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