Metra Explains its New “Before The Amp” DSP

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Metra Axxess DSP at CES 2017

Metra Electronics provided details on its new Axxess DSP digital signal processor announced just prior to CES.

It’s a palm-sized device that installs behind the factory radio to add DSP and the ability to connect to aftermarket components.

The Axxess DSP is a “before the amplifier” solution, but it works in almost any non-MOST car, whether it has a factory amplifier or not.

The Axxess DSP takes the factory signal directly from the CAN bus and equalizes it, adds time delay compensation and crossover.

It is offered with either a general harness or vehicle specific harnesses to work with select car models. Ten harnesses are offered initially for Ford, GM, Chrysler and Toyota.

The Axxess DSP has “chime cooling.” So rather than amplifying the chime in the factory radio (when an aftermarket amp is added) it automatically keeps the chime to its factory volume.  It also has auto turn on capabilities for GM, Chrysler, Ford, and Toyota digital amps.

The DSP also provides clipping detection and limiting circuits.  So it can detect clipping and turn down the audio by 20dB.  The installer can adjust the limiting sensitivity or defeat the feature.

The Axxess DSP has 6 inputs, 6 outputs, 5V RMS.  It also has a 31 band graphic EQ. Its technology is patent pending. It will work with an app over a Bluetooth connection to a smartphone so installers may adjust settings.  An Android app will be available first, followed by an iOS app.

The Axxess DSP is expected to ship this spring at $299 suggested retail price.

Axxess DSP Specifications:

  • • 31 Band graphic EQ
  • • 6 Inputs, 6 Outputs. Front, Rear, Sub, Center
  • • Selectable High and Low level inputs
  • • Each output has an independent two-way crossover in line with the EQ
  • • Each output can be delayed independently up to 10ms
  • • Turn on capabilities for GM, Chrysler, Ford, and Toyota digital amps
  • • Chime control for GM vehicles
  • • Clipping detection and limiting circuits
  • • Retains Sync and OnStar Control DSP thru Bluetooth application
  • • Smartphone application offering full control from Android and Apple Devices.
  • • Read, Write, and Store your information for future recall
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  1. But does it adjust the EQ throughout the factory head unit’s volume curve? If not, then keep on moving guys. Nothing to see here. Oh, and all DSP’s go “before the amplifier”. So thanks on that.

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